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Do you have a feature film, short, music video, series, or other project you want available on demand to over  10 million (and counting) televisions in the US alone?

Contact us  (859) 359-6825 or send us an inquiry using the form below


What type(s) of video files are supported?

Video Format: h264 compressed

(DVD and Quicktime are also accepted, but file compression charges may apply.)


What are the requirements for submission?

Description: 30-35 words
SD  project action still poster art: 143×129
HD poster action  project still art: 209x 209
Release year
SD project poster art 110 x 150
HD project poster art 210 x 270
Actors: 3 names
Frame rate
If you do not have print artwork for your film, our marketing/design department can assist you with that. (Additional charges apply)
************If you have trailer(s), we can release them on the coming soon leading up to their film release. Same parameters would be required for trailer

How long does it take to get my film viewable on INC?

The process from first contact to television viewable is typically two-three weeks.

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